Marco Rubio - Caricature
Sen. Marco Rubio, Who Tried to Paint Himself as a Working Class American, Selling FL Home for $675K (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

POLITICAL HYPOCRITE:  How many working class Americans own a home valued at $675,000? Um, that would be Sen. Marco Rubio, who tried to paint himself as one of us, during the Republican Party’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Marco Rubio said, “I still live in the same working-class neighborhood I grew up in.” Um, another problem — the Miami New Times reports that Rubio “has been trying to sell that house for an un-working-class-like $675,000 so he can up and move his family to godless elite D.C.” Another political hypocrite trying to pass an ordinary working class American.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Marco Rubio’s accomplishments, but he’s trying to paint himself like a working-class American and he isn’t. He’s a mouthpiece for the Republican Party that now realizes it’s in deep sh*t demographically speaking. They tried to come across as embracing diversity when Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was a hot mess when he rebutted President Obama’s SOTU a few years ago and now Sen. Marco Rubio will join that club. He said a whole lot of nothing last night and echoed the same tired GOP sentiments that didn’t resonate for Mitt Romney in the presidential election. Trotting Marco Rubio out with his tired story about being a working class American won’t resonate.

Paul Krugman slammed Sen. Marco Rubio for basically learning nothing and placing blame at the wrong doorstep:  “This strikes me as a bigger deal than whether Rubio slurped his water; he and his party are now committed to the belief that their pre-crisis doctrine was perfect, that there are no lessons from the worst financial crisis in three generations except that we should have even less regulation. And given another shot at power, they’ll test that thesis by giving the bankers a chance to do it all over again.”

Marco Rubio was, essentially, rebutting the wrong speech. President Obama didn’t really point fingers at the Republicans. So, I guess Marco Rubio didn’t get that speech. His performance was akin to Paul Ryan’s performance during the vice presidential debate where he kept sipping water. Nerves? Um, these guys aren’t ready for prime time.

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