Sarah Palin - Caricature
Karl Rove Takes Swipe at Sarah Palin for Being a Half-Term Governor (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin seems to have forgotten that she doesn’t have a track record on stand on in public life, so it’s laughable when she criticizes President Obama or anyone else for that matter. Well, Karl Rove, who had a public meltdown on Fox News on election night, took a swipe at Sarah Palin over not completing her term as governor.

On ‘Fox News Sunday,” Rove responded to Palin’s declaration at CPAC that Republican consultants who “keep losing elections” need to either “buck up” and run for office or “stay in the truck,” saying that as a “balding white guy” he wouldn’t be a particularly good candidate for office, but “if I did run for office and win, I’d serve out my term.” He added, “I wouldn’t leave office mid-term.” You will recall that the Alaska wannabe genius stepped down after half-term.

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