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Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson Says Obama Administration Policies Hurt Black Community (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With black unemployment hovering at 13.8 percent and the continuing sequestration stalemate, President Obama’s economic policies are under a microscope again. Dr. Ben Carson, the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, told the Christian Post that the economic policies being pursued by the Obama administration has resulted in an “abominable” unemployment rate in the black community. There is some truth to his statement borne out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that black unemployment for February is more than double the unemployment rate for whites for the same period. As the sequestration cuts gain traction, long-term unemployed will be adversely affected when their unemployment benefits run out or dwindle. The Republicans are calling for subsidy cuts. Well, up to 3.8 million people without jobs are facing larger financial woes as these cuts take hold. This will, undoubtedly, have a larger impact on the black community.

“I think the best thing that he (President Obama) can possibly do that will help minorities is to enact policies that allow for growth of the economy,” said Carson. “Because when you look at the employment rate for instance in the African American community, it’s abominable. And the policies that have been enacted have only made it worse. They have not made it better. So if he really wanted to be a hero in that community, let’s start doing some things that make sense economically and get the money flowing.”


“I think both parties have a diversity problem to be honest with you. I think in many cases one party has been able to get a lot of people who are of meager means to be dependent. And to make them believe that, that party is on their side. And I think that that has been a successful political strategy,” said Carson.

“However, a lot of those people have a superiority complex and they promote programs that keep a certain segment of the population quite subservient and happy to be there as long as they’re providing things for them rather than using those same resources to create mechanisms of elevating those people and moving them up,” he added. Source

You will recall Dr. Ben Carson raised eyebrows from some in the black community, while earned praise from conservatives after he criticized policies being pursued by President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. He also railed against the lack of diversity in both parties. While I believe the black community shares some blame in its economic plight, neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has given any indication of how they plan to help the thousands of unemployed or underemployed black Americans. The politicians come around when an election is near. When will we as a community demand more accountability from our elected leaders? The GOP is clamoring for the Hispanic vote and have all but given up on the black vote, which means they will not propose any policies favorable to helping the black community. Dr. Ben Carson is absolutely right and I applaud him for his courage in standing up and saying what some in the black community believe but choose not to utter.

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