BREAKING:  NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who fled to Hong Kong after disclosing classified information to the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, is still talking. This time he spoke to South China Morning Post.

“People who think I made a mistake in picking HK as a location misunderstand my intentions. I am not here to hide from justice; I am here to reveal criminality,” said Snowden told the Post earlier today.

He vowed to fight any extradition attempt by the US government, saying: “My intention is to ask the courts and people of Hong Kong to decide my fate. I have been given no reason to doubt your system.’’

It is believed the US is pursuing a criminal investigation, but no extradition request has yet been filed. Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the US, although analysts say any attempts to bring Mr Snowden to America may take months and could be blocked by Beijing. Source: South China Morning Post

Edward Snowden also told the newspaper he wants the people of Hong Kong to decide his fate. I am sorry, but sideshow needs to end sooner rather than later. Edward Snowden seems to think he’s on a victory lap through Asia after committing a felony. I echo Sen. Susan Collins’ sentiment Edward Snowden is “a high-school drop-out who had little maturity [and] had not successfully completed anything he had undertaken,” Politico reports. I would venture to say, Edward Snowden is coming back to America, either in handcuffs or a body-bag.