Jury Tampering: Seminole County Sheriff's Office Admits Zimmerman Jurors Had Unsupervised Visits`Jury Tampering: Seminole County Sheriff's Office Admits Zimmerman Jurors Had Unsupervised Visits
Jury Tampering: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Admits Zimmerman Jurors Had Unsupervised Visits

After Zimmerman trial juror B37 gave a disturbing interview on AC360 in which she heaped praise on George Zimmerman, referring to him as ‘George,’ WFTV reports there may have been jury tampering in the case. I wondered how on earth Juror B37 was able to land a book deal with her attorney husband hours after they voted to acquit George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The jury was supposed to be sequestered, which means, they couldn’t have contact with the outside world but that wasn’t the  case with this jury. WFTV discovered that the jurors spent hours of alone time with family, which could have impacted the verdict:

Channel 9′s Kathi Belich confirmed the jurors were left unsupervised with guests at times, which WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said is more than enough time for a member to have said something that could have influenced a juror and possibly impacted the verdict.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said Judge Debra Nelson allowed jurors generally no more than two hours of alone time with visitors once a week.

Nelson didn’t decide until three days into the trial to sequester the jury after potential jurors voiced concerns about their privacy and safety.

Channel 9 obtained the agreement the judge had all of the jurors’ visitors sign in which they agreed “the case or anything even remotely related to the case must not be talked about.”

Sheaffer said allowing sequestered jurors to have unsupervised visits invites criticism and questions over the integrity of the verdict.

“It only takes two seconds for an inappropriate comment to be made to a juror by a family member inadvertently or otherwise to possibly affect the verdict, how they look at the case,” Sheaffer said.