Cory Booker's Opponent's Wife Appeals to Oprah Winfrey to Consider Hubby's Story
Cory Booker’s Opponent’s Wife Appeals to Oprah Winfrey to Consider Hubby’s Story

Lorraine Lonegan, wife of Cory Booker’s New Jersey Senate seat challenger Steve Lonegan, wrote to Oprah Winfrey asking her to consider his story. Lonegan praised Oprah Winfrey for her influence on Americans and the impact she has on the future of her guests, Politico reports. She also asked the talk show queen to “respect our effort in this election enough to meet.”

“Ms. Winfrey, I have a story for you. A personal story. I would like to meet with you to discuss the biography of my husband, Steven Lonegan. You may have heard his name as he is presently running for United States Senate against your candidate, Cory Booker,” Lonegan’s wife, Lorraine, wrote to the TV mogul in the letter released by Lonegan’s campaign.

Lorraine Lonegan wrote she’d like to bring her two adult daughters with her to meet with Oprah and tell her about the “family man” that her husband is.

“I feel that this is in keeping with the way you have proven yourself to be a media professional who can exhibit two sides to a story,” Lorraine Lonegan wrote, saying the meeting does not have to be public. “It is a woman to woman chat that would provide an intelligent exchange of ideas between people who care enough to step up and want to make a difference for people.”

Oprah has been a big supporter of Booker. She held a fundraiser for Booker earlier this month, had him on her show last year and called him a “genius” in a glowing profile of Booker she wrote in Time magazine in 2011.