NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Says Father Doesn't Represent Him in Anyway
NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Says Father Doesn’t Represent Him in Anyway

NSA leaker Edward Snowden has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want any help from his dad, Lon Snowden, saying he has “misled” the media with ‘false claims’ about him. He also added, “he doesn’t represent me in any way.” Edward Snowden also¬†expressed some distrust of Wikileaks. Um, could Bradley Manning’s apology have anything to do with his reaction to Wikileaks? He sounds paranoid and will be for the rest of his life.

Here’s Edward Snowden’s full statement to the Huffington Post:

It has come to my attention that news organizations seeking information regarding my current situation have, due to the difficulty in contacting me directly, been misled by individuals associated with my father into printing false claims about my situation.

I would like to correct the record: I’ve been fortunate to have legal advice from an international team of some of the finest lawyers in the world, and to work with journalists whose integrity and courage are beyond question. There is no conflict amongst myself and any of the individuals or organizations with whom I have been involved.

Neither my father, his lawyer Bruce Fein, nor his wife Mattie Fein represent me in any way. None of them have been or are involved in my current situation, and this will not change in the future. I ask journalists to understand that they do not possess any special knowledge regarding my situation or future plans, and not to exploit the tragic vacuum of my father’s emotional compromise for the sake of tabloid news.

Thank you.

This comes as Lon Snowden’s legal team claimed Thursday that¬†they no longer trust Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald or WikiLeaks, which was instrumental in helping him flee US authorities. The fact is, Edward Snowden can’t trust anyone anymore than anyone can trust him. Well, let him bask in the warmth of Russia, the true home of free speech, honest government, incorruptible police and court system, as well as a country free of the KGB, and live with the noble President Vladimir Putin for the rest of his life. Of course, I am being sarcastic.