Democrats Jumping Ship Over President Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Obamacare Debacle
Democrats Jumping Ship Over President Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Obamacare Debacle

So much for hope and change. The love-affair we came to have with President Obama is dissipating quickly, thanks to the Obamacare website fiasco. Many are calling this President Obama’s Katrina. From a historical perspective, second terms are never great for presidents. Just look at his predecessor, George W. Bush and the public relations trainwreck called “Mission Accomplished,” only all hell broke loose after that publicity stunt. The Obamacare rollout undermines President Obama’s credibility, on so many levels. I want him to succeed because this country will succeed, but I can’t understand how he could run two stellar presidential campaigns, using technology to his advantage, and only to be dogged by a faulty website and people losing coverage. I guess this is his “Mission Accomplished” nightmare.

It’s a sad commentary that top Democrats like Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton, three years before the presidential election. Sounds a lot like George W. Bush and his toxicity during his second term. I will admit, nowadays when I hear President Obama talking about Obamacare and the website, I tend to tune him out. Damage already done in my mind, but I still support the Democrats because the Republican Party is a hotbed of racial insensitivity, anti-middle class, anti-poor, anti-immigration reform, anti-women, anti-gay. It’s time for President Obama to wake up and get to work. The Democrats are jumping ship and that is playing into the Republican Party narrative, as the reverse was true leading up to the 2008 elections. Over 30 Democrats sided with the Republicans on the “Keep Your Health Plan” Act. That’s bad.

Clearly Obamacare isn’t comparable to the Iraqi war, pushed by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, on a lie. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. President Obama’s intent for universal healthcare for all Americans is a noble intent, but unfortunately, it has become President Obama’s Iraq war. This threatens his presidency and his legacy.

President Obama is ¬†wearing his quote that if people were happy with their current plans they could keep them like a top hat. The same way former president George H. W. Bush wears the same hat for telling the country “read my lips, no new taxes.” I can remember watching Barack Obama making his acceptance speech in 2008 after becoming the first black President of the United States. I beamed with joy as the tears rolled down my face. I thought for sure we had truly overcome some of the stubborn barriers that still dogged us as a country. But with three years left in his second terms, Barack Obama’s presidency seem to be working as well as the Obamacare website.

He has become a punching bag and a punch line over the Obamacare fiasco. While I scoff at the comparisons between the levees breaking and the calamity that ensued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Obamacare, I will concede one point — George W. Bush bungled his handling of the disaster as much as President Obama bungled Obamacare. If you add the National Security Agency’s surveillance scandal to this latest debacle, I can’t understand why President Obama has fired anyone yet? He’s not leading as he did when we got 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. He’s leading from behind. He can’t rebuild his image with the same people at the Health and Human Services Department in tow. Unless the Obamacare website gets fixed by the end of the month, some Democrats may actually start calling for a repeal of the law, National Journal reports.

I won’t count President Obama out yet, but it’s troubling to me that what began as a honorable vision for affordable health care for all Americans has suddenly become an enormous joke, threatening the very things he promised — hope and change you can believe in. No. Mission not accomplished yet.