Bantu Holomisa: Anti-Apartheid Icon Nelson Mandela Wasn't on Life Support in Final Hours
Bantu Holomisa: Anti-Apartheid Icon Nelson Mandela Wasn’t on Life Support in Final Hours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nelson Mandela’s close friend and former cabinet minister, Bantu Holomisa, said the anti-apartheid icon wasn’t on life support in the final hours of his life. He said he had been called to Mandela’s home Thursday by family so he could visit with him before he died.

Holomisa said, “You judge the mood in the house. I know the family. It was not the same family I used to see. Even the call itself, ‘please pop in, we think Madiba is in his last days.’ I assume the family was warned by the doctors.”

Bantu Holomisa said Nelson Mandela died two hours after he left his home. He also said, along with Nelson Mandela’s third wife, Graca Machel, his former wife, Winnie, one of his daughters and several of his grand-children were present in the home at the time of his death.

He said Nelson Mandela appeared to be sleeping. He added that it was obvious that he was ‘finally succumbing to the illness. It was very fitting that Nelson Mandela shared his final hours with his wife and ex-wife, who was very instrumental in the struggle to end apartheid.