5 Republicans, Including Paul Broun (GA), Vote Against Suing President Obama
5 Republicans, Including Paul Broun (GA), Vote Against Suing President Obama

Five House Republicans voted against a resolution authorizing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama. Reps. Paul Broun (GA), Scott Garrett (N.J.), Thomas Massie (KY), Walter Jones (NC) and Steve Stockman (TX). No Democrats voted for the resolution, which stems from the president’s use of executive power. Don’t rejoice five Republicans broke rank. In fact, most of the five want to see President Obama impeached.

Broun, Stockman and Jones have all indicated support for impeaching President Obama. Jones told The Hillhe didn’t think the lawsuit went far enough.

A Broun spokeswoman said he voted against the bill because he didn’t think it would truly help limit President Obama’s executive power.

“Dr. Broun believes that this legislation – while well-intentioned – is doomed for death in the Senate. As a result, he would rather see House leadership work towards practical solutions which would shrink the size and scope of government and cut wasteful federal spending when it comes to stopping the president’s gross overreach of executive power,” Broun spokeswoman Christine Hardman said. Source: The Hill

Here’s more from Think Progress:

The resolution gives Boehner the authority to file or intervene federal court cases “to seek any appropriate relief regarding the failure of the President, the head of any department or agency, or any other officer or employee of the executive branch, to act in a manner consistent with that official’s duties under the Constitution and laws of the United States” relating to failure to implement provisions of Obamacare. ” The aim of this, Boehner has stated, is to sue the Obama for “his decision to extend — twice — the deadline to institute the employer mandate in his health care law.”

The administration has delayed the provisions — which requires employers with more than 50 employees to pay a fine if they don’t offer affordable quality coverage — citing complaints from firms that claimed they wouldn’t be ready to meet its requirement by 2014.

The administration claimed justified the delays under the Treasury Department’s “transition relief” authority, which allows the government to grant relief by section7805(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, and noted President George W. Bush’s administration also cited the authority to delay implementation of laws. “The authority has been used to postpone the application of new legislation on a number of prior occasions across Administrations,” Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy Mark J. Mazur noted in a July 2013 letter to the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Funny, the GOP is so busy trying to sue Obama, they haven’t done the work people elected them to do. Oh, well, that’s the usual jive from politicians. I guess this means another Democrat will occupy the White House come 2017. The “do nothing” party is really living up to its name of doing nothing. At least for 99 percent of Americans.