Tiffany Mitchell, Another Witness to Michael Brown Shooting, Comes Forward
Tiffany Mitchell, Another Witness to Michael Brown Shooting, Comes Forward

A second witness to Michael Brown’s fatal shooting by a Ferguson police officer has come forward and she corroborates Dorian Johnson’s version of events. In other words, it is becoming more and more apparent that the cop was the aggressor and he lied. Tiffany Mitchell, 27, even shot for cellphone video footage of the crime scene.

Mitchell said she did not see what led up to the shooting, but did see the tussle between the cop and Michael Brown, with the teen pulling away from the officer on the outside of the vehicle, as Dorian Johnson said. She also said she saw the first gunshot that hit the teen coming from the window, not with the teen inside the vehicle as Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson claimed.

Here’s more from KSDK:

“As I was coming around, I heard the tires squeaking on the truck, and as I get closer, I see them tussling through the window. The kid was pulling off and the cop was pulling in,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell told News 4 she saw a door close on a police car. An officer was inside and Brown, Jr. was on the outside. She said the two were arm wrestling through the car window. Mitchell said she then tried to pull out her phone to record. Shots then rang out.

“It just didn’t look right for them to be arm wrestling,” Mitchell said. “The first gun shot came from the window, so I just started getting out of the way.”

According to Mitchell, Brown, Jr, began to run away after the first shot was fired.

“After the shot, the kid just breaks away. The cop follows him, kept shooting, the kid’s body jerked as if he was hit. After his body jerked he turns around, puts his hands up, and the cop continues to walk up on him and continues to shoot until he goes all the way down,” Mitchell said.

It should be noted that Michael Brown doesn’t have a criminal history record, just like Trayvon Martin, when he was gunned down by a wannabe cop, George Zimmerman. The case will be presented to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed against the cop. It is now five days since Michael Brown was executed and we don’t know the name of the officer nor how many bullets riddled the teen’s body. It seems as though the Ferguson Police Department and the St. Louis County Police Department are treating the officer as a victim and Brown as a criminal.

[Photo Credit: KSDK Video Screengrab]