Michael Brown Stepdad, Louis Head, Investigated for Inciting Riots in Ferguson
Michael Brown’s Stepdad, Louis Head, Investigated for Inciting Riots in Ferguson (Photo Credit: CNN Video Screengrab)

Michael Brown’s stepdad, Louis Head, is being investigated by the Ferguson police for inciting riots in Ferguson after the grand jury decision clearing Darren Wilson was announced. Head was heard saying, “burn this bitch down, burn this bitch down.” While it’s was reprehensible for him to have uttered those words, it may be very hard to prove that his words actually did incite the riots. I seriously doubt he can be blamed for the riots that rocked Ferguson and it will be very hard to prove in court. At the very least he should reach out to the community, express remorse and apologize for his comments. At this juncture, the community wants healing.

It’s also interesting to note, if there are charges, the prosecutor would be Robert McCulloch, who is the same person many in St. Louis had called on to recuse himself from the case involving Darren Wilson because of his pro-police stance and the fact that his father was killed by a black man.

Family attorney Benjamin Crump said that they are not concerned that charges will be filed, but decried Louis Head’s comments. The comments were made outside the police department where cars were damaged. It’s kinda crazy to go after the family of the victim for inciting a riot. The fact is, it’s dragging the Ferguson debacle further out.

HLN’s Nancy Grace hit out at those who want to prosecute Louis Head. She told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that the statute in this jurisdiction is that when six or more people join together and agree to engage in violence. The bottomline is that it can’t be proven that Head incited the riots that erupted in Ferguson. Nancy Grace said slammed the Lt. Gov. Pete Kinder for going on the radio and blabbing about Louis Head allegedly inciting a riot, inside of privately speaking with the district attorney. Grace said the discussion of Louis Head being prosecuted for inciting a riot is “incendiary.”

Separately, the Bosnian community is enraged over the murder of Zemir Bejic, who was beaten to death by teens with hammers early Sunday in St. Louis. The police say the attack wasn’t racially motivated. Three teens, including 17-year-old Robert Mitchell, have been arrested. Mitchell was charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports.

Watch Louis Head shout “burn this bitch down:”