Walter Scott Wasn' Wanted on Child Support Warrant at Time of Shooting
Walter Scott Had Child Support Warrant at Time of Shooting (Photo Credit: Facebook)

According to public records Walter Scott did have a bench warrant for child support at time of his shooting death by North Charleston Patrolman Michael Slager. He did did owe almost $18,00 in back payments, NBC News reports. This contradicts an earlier report by the Associated Press, that said he did not have an open warrant.

Scott’s family said he may have run from Patrolman Slager because feared going back to jail over back child support.  He did have several brushes with the law with regard to delinquent child support payments.
Walter Scott, Back Turned, Don't Shoot
Walter Scott, Back Turned, Don’t Shoot (Courtesy Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News)

I have to ask, what difference does it make that Walter Scott had a warrant for a low-level crime such as being behind on child support payments? I am sure when Officer Slager ran his license, he would have realized that much, so was it really worth it to shoot the man in his back five times? He was fleeing. He had his license. How does a 50 year-old man outrun a 33 year-old cop?

Separately, Charleston County prosecutor Scarlett Wilson, said will seek a grand jury indictment on the murder charge against Michael Slager.