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2 Corrections Officers Charged with Looting 7-Eleven During Baltimore Riots (Pictured Kendra Richard — Baltimore PD)

2 Corrections officers charged with looting 7-Eleven during Baltimore riots, allegedly stole Slim Jims, Tostitos.

Corrections officers Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard were charged this week with allegedly looting a downtown 7-Eleven store during Baltimore riots stemming from the police custody death of Freddie Gray.

The video purportedly shows Richard leaving the store with Slim Jims, while Cobb stands by the door holding a bag of Tostitos.

The Baltimore Sun reports both women worked in downtown Baltimore facilities. Police nabbed them after a tip, stemming from a YouTube video, which was recorded on April 25, the day the violence erupted outside Camden Yards.

Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard were charged with theft and burglary. They are being held on $35,000 bail.

Watch video of 7-Eleven looting during Baltimore riots: