fairfield pool confrontation
Ohio Family Accuse Police of Using Excessive Force in Fairfield Pool Confrontation (Photo Credit: YouTube Video Screengrab)

Fairfield pool confrontation involving black family and white police officers:  Krystal and Maya Dixon and two children, ages 12 and 15, were arrested after an altercation at the Fairfield Aquatic Center on June 9.

They are disagreeing with police who are saying that it was a case of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at the public pool, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. The family is accusing the officers of using excessive force against them.

Bishop Bobby Hilton, who is a member of the National Action Network, is serving as a representative for the family. He held a press conference on Tuesday saying that the confrontation started shortly after Krystal Dixon dropped off eight kids at the public pool.

The staff reportedly asked the kids to leave because one child was not wearing a proper swimsuit. The park ranger was summoned with the kids refused to leave. The kids told the ranger that their mother said they did not have to leave, according to the police report.

Hilton said Krystal Dixon got the appropriate swimwear for the child but was told he could not get back into the pool area when she returned.

A series of videos posted online showed Dixon arguing with pool staff. She can be heard asking for a refund, which was shot down. The police officer asked for Dixon’s identification and appeared to grab her wrist in one video.

The second clip shows more officers arriving at the pool. A white officer can be seen grabbing a young girl around the neck and pushing her against a patrol cruiser. There are allegations that pepper spray was used during the confrontation. Maya Dixon also accused officers of punching her 12-year-old daughter.