tyrone harris jr. shooting
Twitter Erupts Over Tyrone Harris Jr. Shooting by Police in Ferguson (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Tyrone Harris Jr., 19, is in critical condition after being shot by police after he reportedly opened fire on a SUV with plain clothes detectives in Ferguson.

Harris, a friend of Michael Brown, is said to have used a stolen gun. That didn’t stop the outrage from erupting on Twitter, with the blame being laid squarely on the police. It didn’t help that Tyrone Harris Jr.’s dad said that there’s more to the story about his son getting shot.

So, the police should stand by and watch someone fire on their SUV? Really? Cooler heads need to prevail. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is defeating its cause when you have people calling for protests and advocating violence against police officers who engage suspects in the commission of a crime. We don’t know what happened with Tyrone Harris Jr. and if he did fire on the SUV. What if he really did?

This tweet sums up the Tyrone Harris Jr. shooting eruption on Twitter:

This latest schooting comes days after Angelo State University student Christian Taylor broke into the Classic Buick GMC dealership in Arlington, TX,and was fatally shot by rookie cop Brad Miller. People are blaming Miller for fatally shooting the teen without proof that the officer acted with malice.

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