donald trump people leaving america
Twitter Users Threaten to Leave USA if Donald Trump WINS Election (Photo Credit: Flickr via Donkey Hotey)

More Twitter users would leave America if Donald Trump won the presidential election than they would if Hillary Clinton won. I guess that’s one way for Trump to fix the immigration problem. LOL.

More on people fleeing if Trump wins the election:  “In our favorite social media analysis so far this year, the digital analytics firm Luminoso scoured 4.5 million Trump-related tweets from Aug. 7 through Sept. 9 and found about 4% of them were people promising to leave the country if Trump wins the White House.”

Here are the top destinations Luminoso found via tweets where people would flee following a Trump win [H/T USA Today}:

  • Mexico: 75,000
  • General: 69,000 (“I’m moving if Trump is elected” but no location specified)
  • Canada: 25,000
  • United Kingdom: 11,000
  • Australia: 6,000
  • Alaska: 5,800
  • France: 2,000
  • Hawaii: 1,500
  • Jamaica: 1,200
  • Ireland: 1,100
  • Sweden: 1,000
  • Brazil: 1,000

I guess the people who said they would move to Alaska don’t quite realize that they would still be in America.