ben carson popeye truther moverment
Ben Carson Popeyes Truther Movement Doubts His Armed Robbery Story

A Ben Carson Popeyes truther movement is emerging over his claims he was held up at gunpoint at a Popeyes restaurant in Washington D. C. in the 1980s.

Carson talked about the alleged incident during a discussion about the Umpqua Community College shooting rampage by Chris Harper-Mercer. He has been criticized for his ridiculous and fact-challenged advice to the victims of the Umpqua shooting.

Carson first made the claim during an interview with Urban View’s Karen Hunter.

During interviews with Sirius XM host Jared Rizzi and Michael Smerconish, Carson elaborated on the armed robbery incident at Popeye’s.

Ben Carson told Smerconish: “They’re two very different situations. You’ve got a crazy person who’s shooting people and is clearly going to continue to do that versus somebody who’s coming in to try to get a little bit of cash. Now I’m not justifying the fact that he’s coming in to rob the place, but you’ve got to be able to distinguish between somebody who’s trying to rob a joint and somebody who is trying to kill you.”

Carson then told POTUS‘ Jared Rizzi, “I don’t know. To me it wasn’t that big of deal, to be honest with you … Really, what you’re saying is ‘are you lying about that? Is that something that you’re making up?’ And why would I be doing that?” Cason said. “As a God-fearing Christian, it’s something that happened. It’s not something I made up.”

The Ben Carson Popeye Truther movement is suggesting the he lied about the incident. Carson says there is no reason why anyone would make up such a story and there’s really no concrete evidence he’s lying. Still, where’s the receipt? Imagine if Barack Obama had made such an assertion. Um, let’s not forget the right wing freakout when he said he was racially profiled on more than one occasion.