The police were caught on video making damning comments following the shooting death of unarmed black man Paul O’Neal in Chicago on July 28.

paul o'neal
Paul O’Neal Shooting Death: Damning Comments by Cops Caught on Video

The officers involved in the case were fired¬†after it appeared that they violated police policy by shooting at a car when it was the “lone threat,” the Chicago Tribune reports. The officers “fired about 15 shots at the fleeing Jaguar” before the stolen car hit a police SUV down the street in the South Shore neighborhood, the newspaper reports.

There were other officers directly in the line of fire when the police shot into the vehicle.

O’Neal was able to flee the vehicle and was eventually apprehended after he had been shot. The officer who shot the unarmed teen turned his body camera on after the shooting had occurred, but while he was handcuffing the suspect. He also thought Paul O’Neal had been shooting at him from the Jaguar, but the shots were being fired by his colleagues. The officer also said when he shot O’Neal, “I didn’t know if he was armed or not,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

One officer was caught on video, high-fiving another, after Paul O’Neal’s shooting,¬† “F***, I’m going to be on desk duty now for 30 days.”