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Clinton Campaign Releases Brutal New Ad About Trump’s Birther Lies

The Clinton campaign released a new ad eviscerating Donald Trump over his birther lies, claiming his admission that President Obama was born in America didn’t put the matter behind him, but made it worse.

Hillary for America ad says,  “As much as he may try to walk back his own birtherism, Americans aren’t buying it. That’s because we all know who Donald Trump is. His political identity is based on this outrageous lie, and there is no erasing it in history.”

The ad says, “Donald Trump tried to put birtherism behind him. Instead, he made it worse.” The ad also refuted Trump’s claims that Hillary Clinton started the birther controversy.

The ad concludes, “Donald Trump,” the ad concludes, “Lying even when he’s admitting the truth.”

Trump thought that by finally admitting that he was wrong about a lie he had perpetuated for five years he would get off easy. But no. People saw it for exactly what it was — a political calculation ahead of the debate on September 26.