President Obama’s popularity is very strong in Georgia as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a tight race to win the red, red state in the upcoming general election.

president obama's popularity
President Obama’s Popularity Strong in Georgia as Trump, Clinton Locked in Tight Race [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
A new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll finds “50 percent of Georgia voters hold a favorable impression of Obama during the final weeks of his presidency.”

That’s a huge deal in a state that may be changing from red to purple due to demographic shifts with more black and Hispanic voters moving to the Georgia in the last few years.

The AJC poll finds that more than 90 percent of Democrats support President Obama compared to 12 percent of Republicans. He is also viewed favorably by a majority of independents, who tend to lean conservative in Georgia.

This bodes well for Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election. As it stands right now, early voting numbers are trending well for the Democrats with heavy turnout in the once GOP stronghold of Gwinnett County. According to voter registration data from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, white voters are no long a majority in Gwinnett county.