Steve Schmidt shreds Joe Scarborough’s pro-Trump nonsense during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday as the hosts imploded over Hillary Clinton being cleared AGAIN.

steve schmidt
Steve Schmidt Shreds Joe Scarborough Over Pro-Trump Nonsense

Schmidt went after Scarborough for his attacks on Hillary Clinton’s emails, saying no reasonable prosecutor would have charged her with a crime and that the matter was done.

It was an epic take-down that has left many praising Schmidt for his honesty and decency. He is one of the few Republicans who has been saying for weeks that Donald Trump has no path to the presidency.

Schmidt had some good zingers:  “We are not a country run by a bunch of colonels wearing sunglasses.”

Of course, Schmidt’s comments didn’t sit well with some of the so-called conservative talking heads. Laura Ingraham tweeted:

Scarborough also cited Brexit, in the hopes that Trump can pull off such a feat. Um, no. That would involve more than uneducated white people.

I hope the brass at media outfits will do some soul-searching after the election is over. There are several shows that need to be canned and a bunch of journalists and wannabe journalists who need to be fired.  Joe Scarborough and his sidekick Mika Brzezinski have proven over and over that because you have a show, it doesn’t mean you have any credibility.

By the way, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway let it slip out that he calls Mika regularly. Um, so there you have it. No fair and balanced coverage from those two because they are kissing Trump’s ring.

Morning Joe is getting ripped on Twitter: