During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources, former New York Times editor Jill Abramson said much of President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets are “fake news.”

jill abramson trump's fake news
Jill Abramson: Donald Trump’s Tweets are “Fake News Too”

Reliable Sources devoted a segment to the “epidemic” of fake news. Abramson talked about Pizzagate and also let loose on Trump and his tweets.

When asked by host Brian Stelter what her recommendation would be to news rooms on how to operate in a fake news environment, she said she wanted newsrooms to become “less reactive” to running “patently false stories.”

Abramson said even though “trust in the news media is at a historic low and probably sinking,” “journalists still have to do their jobs.”

She noted, “And what I worry about as much as stories like Pizzagate is that Donald Trump and his tweets themselves, which much of the media is reactive to, that’s fake news too.” “I mean, just the recent tweets about, quote unquote, massive voter fraud. That is an outright lie.”

Abramson also talked about the high percentage of public statements Trump made that have been rated false by Politifact.