White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to lay the blame for the hot mess that has unfolded over Donald Trump’s Muslim ban at President Obama’s feet. Um, WRONG.

sean spicer muslim ban
No Sean Spicer, the Muslim Ban Mess was Caused by Donald Trump, Not President Obama

During an appearance on ABC News This Week was asked what does the Muslim ban say to other countries. He answered, “What this says is we are going to protect our country and our people.”

“There are forty-six other countries that are not part of this, and I think that’s an important thing to note. Whether you’re talking about Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, or the UAE,” he continued. There’s forty-six Muslim-majority countries that are not in this set. These seven countries were identified by the Obama administration as needing further travel scrutiny,” Spicer said.

The blame Obama excuse isn’t going to work. There is a huge gap between suggesting nations that need more scrutiny to signing an executive order imposing a ban that has led to chaos across the U.S. and has unnerved the international community. Donald Trump (or his anti-Semitic handler Steve Bannon) made the decision to have the executive order drafted and signed on national television networks for the entire country to see.

Nine days into his administration Donald Trump continues to show that he is unfit for the job as president. He appeals to the worst elements in our society by pushing nationalist policies that are contrary to everything this country stands for.

The Muslim ban backfired ‘bigly’ on Trump and he’s looking for a scapegoat. It should also be noted that Trump said this wasn’t a Muslim ban, though his buddy, Rudy Giuliani says he did ask how he could institute one.

Feeling the heat from the massive protests and condemnation, Trump tweeted: “Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world – a horrible mess.”

So, that 5-year-old Iranian boy who was detained at Dulles International Airport is a threat and needed extreme vetting? A grandmother in her 70s was also detained. Was she a threat? To whom?

Former Obama Security Adviser Susan Rice had the perfect response to the hot mess unfolding before our eyes. She tweeted: “This is stone cold crazy. After a week of crazy. Who needs military advice or intel to make policy on ISIL, Syria, Afghanistan, DPRK?”

Separately, Sean Spicer also defended white nationalist Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council. Let that sink in….