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Twitter Erupts Into Mockery After Donald Trump Calls for Free and Fair Elections in Venezuela [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
Twitter erupts into mockery after Donald Trump demands “free and fair elections” in Venezuela. Um, that’s opposed to the election Russian President Vladimir Putin helped him win the U.S.

Here’s Trump’s full statement (you can’t make this stuff up):  “Yesterday, the Venezuelan people again made clear that they stand for democracy, freedom, and rule of law. Yet their strong and courageous actions continue to be ignored by a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator.”

“The United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles. If the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take strong and swift economic actions.”

“The United States once again calls for free and fair elections and stands with the people of Venezuela in their quest to restore their country to a full and prosperous democracy.”

Oh the irony…..It takes a lot of nerve for someone who may have colluded with a hostile foreign adversary to win the 2016 presidential election to even offer an opinion about an election in another country.

Reaction on Twitter: