José Andrés feeding National Guard Puerto Rico response
José Andrés, Chef Sued by Trump, Slams Puerto Rico Response: “We’re Feeding the National Guard” [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
José Andrés, the chef and restauranteur sued by Donald Trump, slammed the Puerto Rico response, saying, “we’re feeding the National Guard.” Wow. Yet Trump felt compelled to put out a propaganda video taking a victory lap for nothing.

Andrés tweeted: “We are feeding the National Guard because they need hot meals and proud of it but Federal Goverment will not help us………?”

Andres’ non-profit disaster relief organization, World Central Kitchen, has reportedly served over 350,000 meals to hurricane victims. Food and water remain scarce, while a majority still have no electricity.

This is pretty shameful that not even the National Guard is getting hot meals, much less aid reaching to the Americans on the island. Trump’s Katrina is shaping up to be far worse than anything we could have imagined. Meanwhile, Trump threatened to pull FEMA workers from the island because “they can’t stay forever.”