mary norwood voter intimidation
Instead of Conceding with Class, Mary Norwood Claims Reports of Voter Intimidation in Atlanta Mayoral Race [Photo Credit:]
Instead of conceding with class, Mary Norwood claims to have received reports of voter intimidation and administrative problems. The two-time loser just can’t concede she lost the runoff and move on with her life.

Norwood, who lost to Keisha Lance Bottoms by 759 votes, tweeted on Thursday: “Many voters have come forward to describe the administrative problems and voter intimidation that occurred on Election Day.”

“If you experienced a problem when you cast your vote, contact the Secretary of State using their Stop Voter Fraud website,” she tweeted. Yup, there we go….voter fraud.

Norwood pulled a similar stunt after she lost to Kasim Reed in 2009. She was secretly recorded saying that she suspected many of the people who voted for Reed were fraudulent. Bottoms hammered her in the last mayoral debate for using racially coded language to allege voter fraud in 2009.