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Roy Moore Blames “Thousands of Black, Muslim and Latino Voters” for His Loss to Doug Jones

Sore loser Roy Moore blames “thousands of black, Muslim and Latino voters” for his loss to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race. In other words, he blames people of color for actually exercising their right to vote for his loss.

Moore posted a link from extremist website WorldNetDaily which claims “Muslims and Marxists delivered for Doug Jones.” The article claims, “if Alabama‚Äôs Muslim and Marxist communities had not rallied thousands of black, Latino and Muslim voters behind Doug Jones, President Trump would be sitting on a safer Senate majority today.”

While the article doesn’t accuse anyone of wrongdoing, it’s in keeping with Moore’s despicable anti-Muslim, anti-black and anti-Latino rhetoric. He previously said Muslims should not hold public office.

Moore also lashed out at Jones’ gay son, Carson Jones, by sharing an article from The Advocate, in an attempt to demonize him. He later deleted the post without comment, but it’s widely known that Moore harbors virulent anti-gay views.

Roy Moore has yet to concede the election to Doug Jones. He’s a sore loser, like Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood, who recently conceded to Keisha Lance Bottoms, nearly two weeks after the election.