trump supporter paul nehlen racist attack meghan markle
Trump Supporter Paul Nehlen Sparks Outrage Over Racist Attack on Meghan Markle [Photo Credit: Twitter via Kensington Palace]
Wisconsin GOP congressional candidate and Trump supporter Paul Nehlen sparked global outrage over his racist attack on Meghan Markle in a vile tweet.

Nehlen posted a tweet on Friday featuring a photo of Prince Harry’s wife-to-be Meghan, with her face replaced by a re-creation of Cheddar Man, an ancient skeleton which scientists revealed to have had dark skin, according to the Guardian.

Nehlen’s response to the racist attack is just as shameful. He tweeted: “Publishing an article *disappearing whites* or *dispossessing whites* of their homelands is wrong; made worse when claiming “science” to “prove” whites never existed. I made a joke of it. It’s not a laughing matter, so I chose to laugh about it.”

Nehlen’s Twitter account has been suspended after the racist hit on Ms. Markle but the screenshots are all over the internet.

trump supporter paul nehlen racist attack meghan markle

Donald Trump led the racist birther movement all the way to the White House and Republicans didn’t push back. They believed all the racist rhetoric he was spewing because many, like Paul Nehlen, are racists.

The racist attack comes weeks after Princess Michael of Kent sparked outrage for wearing a Blackamoor broach to Ms. Markle’s first lunch with the Royal Family. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed on May 20.

Reaction to Nehlen’s account being suspended: