twitter rips treasury secretary steve mnuchin's wife louise linton risque elle magazine photo
Twitter Rips Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s Wife Louise Linton Over Risque Elle Magazine Photo [Photo Credit: Twitter]
Twitter rips Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton over her risque Elle magazine photo:  “Louise Linton American Whore Story.”

The photograph appeared with an interview in Elle magazine that tried to portray Linton as a regular person because “she loves SoulCycle.” Um, how many regular people take SoulCycle classes? She’s also a regular person because she made friends with a homeless man. Only a bourgeoisie person would think that qualifies as something regular people do.  If this is how some public relations person decided was the best way to rehab this woman’s image, well, they just kicked mud in her face.

Elle Magazine:  There are many other things Linton insists make her a regular person. She loves SoulCycle, for one. “That’s temple for me,” she says, dressed in a SoulCycle beanie and leggings. “This is my uniform. I wear SoulCycle stuff every single day of my life.” She’s fond of the expression super-duper. She is “super-duper” sorry for all of the missteps in her self-presentation. She finds the idea of doing a reality TV show, which many people have floated to her in recent months, to be “super-duper” scary.


Other ordinary-girl things: Linton loves calligraphy and big-band jazz. She enjoys taking cute selfies with Mnuchin using the Snapchat filters that make people look like puppies and piglets. Against her husband’s wishes, she shows them to me. (“I didn’t even know she had Snapchat,” her press rep says, faintly concerned.) She is obsessed with dogs, especially sick ones. So much so that she once made friends with a homeless man named Richard in a park in Los Angeles because she was concerned about the health of his dog.

I don’t know if we should be more upset at Linton or the journalist who wrote this story. This woman is out-of-touch with reality. The photograph is certainly not becoming of a Cabinet secretary’s wife. She looks like all she needs now is a pole.

Twitter is having a field day with Louise Linton: