white house aide david sorensen resigns over past domestic abuse allegations
White House Aide David Sorensen Resigns Over Past Domestic Abuse Allegations [Photo Credit: Facebook]
White House aide David Sorensen resigns over past domestic abuse allegations two days after accused wife beater Rob Porter resigned in disgrace. Sorensen was a speechwriter and worked very closely with Stephen Miller.

Sorenson’s ex-wife “claimed that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent two-and-a-half-year marriage — allegations that he vehemently denied. Rather, Sorensen said he was the victim of domestic violence in their marriage,” Washington Post reports.

His ex-wife alleges “during her marriage to Sorensen, he ran a car over her foot, put out a cigarette on her hand, threw her into a wall and grasped her menacingly by her hair while they were alone on their boat in remote waters off Maine’s coast.”

The White House issued a statement: “Before we were contacted by the media, we learned last night that there were allegations. We immediately confronted the staffer, he denied the allegations and he resigned today.”

This White House is a cesspool of misogynistic and abusive men who have no shred of decency or empathy towards the victims of sexual abuse — from Donald Trump right down the line. Trump defended Porter on Friday, saying that he “strongly said he’s innocent.”

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