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White House Knew about Accused Wife Beater Rob Porter and did Nothing, Like they did with Mike Flynn

The White House knew about accused wife beater Rob Porter for months and did nothing until the Daily Mail published its story. Remember when acting attorney general Sally Yates warned them about then-NSA director Mike Flynn lying? They did nothing for weeks but fired Yates instead.

Let’s be mindful of one thing….Rob Porter wasn’t forced out because he beat his ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby. He was forced out because the domestic abuse became publicly known. The Trump administration is a cesspool.

CNN confirms that the White House has known for months about Porter’s situation and did nothing. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (whose father is a pastor) defended Rob Porter as a man of “true integrity.”

It’s dishonest for the White House to spin its reason for not removing Porter until the photo of his ex-wife Colbie Holderness with a black eye surfaced. The photograph was given to the FBI months ago, who notified the White House in November, CBS News also reports.

Where are the red lines for the people working in the White House? It wasn’t enough for 19 women to accuse Donald Trump of sexually abusing them. Or that he bragged about sexually assaulting women in the Access Hollywood tape. Or when he endorsed accused child molester Roy Moore. He is now defending a man who beat his two ex-wives during their marriages — giving one a black eye. Porter joins a long list of people working for Trump who have engaged in domestic violence — Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski, Andrew Puzder and the boss himself.

Porter’s current girlfriend Hope Hicks, not only crafted his response to cover up the abuse allegations before he resigned. She also drafted Kelly and Huckabee Sanders’ statements. Hicks may have also obstructed justice in the Trump Tower meeting with Russians. The people in the White House, including Hicks and Huckabee Sanders are rotten to the core. Do they even know what a red line is?

A third woman has surfaced, who says she was abused too. He started a relationship with Hicks while they were still living together.

At least one Republican is slamming the White House on its handling of the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal. Sen. John Kennedy (LA) said: “If you want to serve the public, particularly as a member of the president’s staff, I don’t care who you are — even if you’re a Rhodes Scholar, you can’t beat the hell out of your spouse.”

The Trump administration is morally bankrupt, just like the many times he filed for corporate bankruptcy. The hot mess engulfing the White House from inauguration day to the present is a sign of both incompetence and hubris. Period.