Democrat Phil Bredesen opens up a 10-point lead over GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee Senate race to succeed Sen. Bob Corker, who announced his retirement last year.

The poll from Middle Tennessee State University poll finds Bredesen leading Blackburn 45% to 35%, with 17% still not sure.

The MTSU poll also found Bredesen had a considerable advantage over Blackburn in terms of getting support from voters on the other side of the aisle.

Forty-five percent of self-described independents said they would vote for Bredesen while only 33 percent of such voters said they would vote for Blackburn, the poll found.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker warned that a blue wave is coming after Democrat Rebecca Dallet won an election for a supreme court seat by nearly 12 points over the GOP candidate he endorsed. Voters are literally disgusted with Donald Trump and Republicans.