Alpharetta cop James Legg is portraying himself as the victim after he was suspended and later resigned and believes that cussing out 65-year-old Rose Campbell during a traffic stop was effective.

Here’s an excerpt of his resignation letter:  At the time I arrived on scene, I saw officers unsuccessfully trying to effectuate the arrest of Ms. Campbell. Also, I noticed the vehicle was still running and from my experience, I considered the vehicle to be a possible weapon, so I neutralized it by turning it off.

There are uncounted incidents of officers being dragged down the street by motorists who are being arrested. The officers were still not able to complete the arrest of Ms. Campbell as she was still in the vehicle and holding on to the seat belt. I did what was necessary to complete the arrest by raising my voice and using verbal commands, using heavy control talk with profanity. It worked instantly and she exited the vehicle immediately!

Maybe I should not have used profanity, but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances.

So, cussing out an old woman, who was clearly not a threat, was effective? The woman was scared out of her mind. Ms. Campbell was pulled over for a traffic violation after exiting Georgia 400 at Windward Parkway. She did not want to sign the citation issued by another officer because she thought that it would be an admission of guilt.

Legg also bashed the Alpharetta police chief John Robinson for calling his behavior exactly what it was — not standard. Robinson said he had “major concerns” about what transpired during the arrest.

“I recently reviewed a video of a traffic stop that took place here in Alpharetta last weekend.” “As I was watching the video I had some major concerns about what I was seeing. there are aspects of this video… that simply do not represent who we are as an organization.”

James Legg is trying to paint himself as the victim. How many more motorists has he come in contact with and displayed such aggressive behavior?

Watch the video of Rose Campbell’s violent arrest: