Donald Trump allows the “debasement of American flags” as they appear next to the North Korean flags at his summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. You will recall Trump was upset at black NFL players taking a knee during the pre-game national anthem but has no qualms about sullying flag by allowing it to be placed next to the flag of one of the biggest human rights violators in the world.

Former CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash said “the spectacle of seeing the American flags along with the [North Korean] flags as the backdrop for that handshake is really jarring actually to see, to witness.”

“In fact, I would say it’s somewhat disgusting. It’s actually a debasement of the American flag,” he continued.

“This is a despotic regime that murders its own citizens. And so we’re putting him on the same stage as the American president. Now, hopefully, it will serve a larger purpose. Which is to ensure security for American interests and our allies on the peninsula,” Bash said. 

Trump couldn’t stop telling the murderous tyrant how honored he was to be holding the summit with him. That’s after he insulted our allies at the G-7 Summit. This dude treats our friends like enemies and our enemies like his best friends.