Twitter destroys Rudy Giuliani over his Stormy Daniels comments saying she has “no reputation” because she sells her body for money: “You forgot what Melania Trump used to do,” one Twitter user posted. Of course, Mrs. Trump’s nude pictures have resurfaced to highlight the hypocrisy of Giuliani’s comments.

During an appearance at the Globes Capital Market Conference in Israel on Wednesday, Giuliani said that Americans should “just look” at Daniels to know she has no credibility. “So, Stormy you want to bring a case? Let me cross-examine you,” Giuliani added.

He said Daniels has “no reputation” to tarnish and that “if you sell your body for money, you have no reputation.”

Giuliani who was married to his second cousin thinks he has the right to judge anyone? Really? He’s been married three times and dogged out his second wife by flaunting his jump-off turned third wife in public. He was estranged from his two children for years. Excuse me while I roll my eyes at his supposed morality.

Mika Brzezinski, who is staunchly anti-Hillary Clinton for whatever reason, attacked Giuliani as a “misogynistic fool” during an epic meltdown on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday morning. You will note that earlier this week, she blamed Bill Clinton for giving us Donald Trump because he was never held accountable for his multiple extramarital affairs (even though there are rumors she’s an adulteress).

Twitter was in no mood for Rudy Giuliani’s hypocrisy: