Twitter erupts into mockery after Donald Trump bungles God Bless America and the National Anthem at his Celebration of America event held at the White House on Tuesday. It was a so-called patriotic event led by a five-time draft dodger. While the military sang the anthem, Trump stopped singing at one point. The least he could do, if he’s going to trash players about the anthem, is know the words.

The 71-year-old toddler threw a temper tantrum when he learned that about four to 10 Philadelphia Eagles players had planned to show up at the White House. He then rescinded the invite saying that the entire team was not going to show up. Um, he called them sons of bitches, lied about the Eagles taking a knee during the pre-game rendition of the anthem and staying in the locker room. This team did neither.

Watch Trump bungle God Bless America:

He didn’t know some words of the Star Spangled Banner. The irony is that he’s attacking the black players for taking a stand by kneeling during the anthem, yet he does not know the words. Um, my children knew the words at an early age. This buffoonery is just ridiculous.

Reaction on Twitter: