The only reason Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is because he doesn’t believe a sitting president should be indicted or prosecuted because it’s “time-consuming and distracting.” Period. In other words, he may have found a puppet next to Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

Kavanaugh may have a great background, but no-one can ignore the fact that he wrote in the Minnesota Law Review in 2009, “a serious constitutional question exists regarding whether a President can be criminally indicted and tried while in office.”

Trump found a puppet….but there’s more:

Kavanaugh also said criminal investigations of a sitting president are “time-consuming and distracting” and should be delayed until after the president’s term ends.

“Like civil suits, criminal investigations take the President’s focus away from his or her responsibilities to the people. And a President who is concerned about an ongoing criminal investigation is almost inevitably going to do a worse job as President,” Kavanaugh wrote.

There’s a key tell in Kavanaugh’s acceptance speech at the White House on Monday night that shows he may have taken the loyalty pledge: “I have witnessed first hand your appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary. No president has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more background to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination. Mr. President, I am grateful to you.”

Um, what? Where has he been? Donald Trump attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel because of his Mexican-American heritage. He attacked judge after judge who smacked down his first and second Muslim bans. He has repeatedly attacked the Justice Department and trampled all over the rule of law.

Democrats don’t have the votes to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed but they need to fight like hell to force him to recuse himself in the event that the fight with Special Counsel Robert Mueller reaches the Supreme Court, including the crazy notion Rudy Giuliani fed Trump that he can self-pardon.