Donald Trump proves he has a lot to hide by telling Fox News Ainsley Earhardt that “flipping almost ought to be illegal” after his former personal attorney Michael Cohen implicated him in his guilty plea.

“If somebody defrauded a bank and he’s gonna get 10 years in jail, or 20 years in jail, but you can say something bad about Donald Trump and you’ll go down to two years or three years, which is the deal he made, in all fairness to him most people are going to do that,” Trump told Earhardt.

“It’s called flipping, and it almost ought to be illegal,” he added.

Prosecutors would not have accepted Cohen’s plea deal if they thought he was lying as serial liar Trump has suggested. Cohen pleaded guilty to eight felonies on Tuesday that include tax evasion and two counts of campaign finance violation in connection with the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal for which he implicated Trump, saying he acted based on his direction.

Trump has a problem with a defendant ‘flipping’ when it involves him and his company. Um, I guess he’s in for a rude awakening because Cohen isn’t the only one who has flipped on him — Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and now it seems AMI’s David Pecker is now cooperating with the federal investigators about his hush money payments on Trump’s behalf.

Trump confessed during the interview with Earhardt that he committed campaign finance violations by saying that he paid the money directly from his pocket and it didn’t go through his campaign. Um, the very stable genius thought he was being smart but he confessed to a crime.