Nelson Mandela’s grandson slams Trump’s total ignorance of reality over his racist South African tweet that shows “disrespect” to “our commitment to justice and redress.”

Nkozi Mandela, who is also a member of the Pan African Parliament, blasted Donald Trump, saying his “unfortunate tweet shows disrespect for South Africa’s sovereignty and our commitment to justice and redress,” Time reports.

“Trump once again demonstrates a total ignorance of reality. We will not be dictated to, threatened or pressured into accepting a land deal that perpetuates the injustices of the past,” Mandela continued.

Mandela said that Trump should focus on his own domestic challenges and the “fundamental issues that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign raises.”

Reuters reports that the “change to the policy implemented at the end of apartheid in 1994 that allows the government to buy white-owned farms for redistribution to black citizens when the seller is willing to cooperate.”

Mandela said the initiative was an attempt to “find a lasting and just solution and we will bring an end to land poverty just as we brought a peaceful end to apartheid.”

“The issue of the return on the land is an extremely sensitive issue as our people were robbed of the land over three centuries of colonial land grabs and six decades of apartheid,” he continued.

Whites own over 70% of the farms in South Africa, though they are only nine percent of the population.

Mandela’s comments come after Trump tweeted a threat by echoing pro-white supremacist talking points about white farmers being murdered at high levels and their land being taken. Both are false and have been pushed by white nationalists for years. Trump repeated the comments after watching Tucker Carlson on Fox News railing about the debunked conspiracy theory.