Montgomery county investigators are looking into another potential sexual assault claim against Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which could bring the total number of accusers to four.

Brian Karem writes in the Montgomery Sentinel“While investigators weren’t specific and spoke on background, they said they are looking at allegations against Kavanaugh during his senior year in high school after an anonymous witness came forward this weekend.”

“This would potentially bring the number to four women accusing Kavanaugh of wrongdoing and comes after Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale college student, stepped forward this weekend to accuse Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her in college, and after attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted out a message saying he represents a woman with “credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge,” Karem wrote.

The Montgomery County Police Department issued a statement: “At this time, the Montgomery County Police Department has not received a request by any alleged victim nor a victim’s attorney to initiate a police report or a criminal investigation regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.”

“The Department recognizes that victims of sexual assault may not want to involve law enforcement and/or initiate a criminal investigation, and we respect that position.  The Department, however, stands prepared to assist anyone who reports being the victim of a sexual assault,” the statement read.

This comes as Donald Trump defended Kavanaugh saying, “There’s a chance that this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything.”

He also urged for an investigation into the lawyers representing the women — Debra Katz, Lisa Banks and Michael Bromwich for Christine Blasey Ford; and Stanley Garnett for Deborah Ramirez. The third unidentified woman is being represented by Michael Avenatti.