Former CIA director John Brennan slammed Donald Trump’s “iceberg of lies, deceit, corruption and criminality” after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in the Mueller probe.

Brennan tweeted:  “The iceberg of lies, deceit, corruption, & criminality is steadily but surely surfacing, despite the efforts of many in high places to keep it submerged. How large is the iceberg & who will be found clinging to it? The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”

Brennan was responding to Trump’s tweet that he was “lightly looking into doing a building somewhere in Russia” in 2016, though he repeatedly denied on the campaign trail. In fact, Trump didn’t seem to care one iota that Russia was trying to interfere in the presidential elections while he sought a business deal directly through the Kremlin.

Twitter responded to Trump’s tweet as you would expect, with some calling his actions “lightly treasonous.”

Reaction on Twitter to Trump’s tweet: