Predominantly black North Miami runs out of ballots after printers failed as early voting numbers skyrocketed. Um, what are the odds of this happening in a predominantly black area?

The printers used to generate customized ballots for for a voter’s precinct failed early in the afternoon, and poll workers eventually had to turn to pre-printed ballots to let people vote, said Christina White, the county’s elections supervisor. When those ran out for two of the surrounding precincts, the county had to rush in replacements from nearby polling places. She said it’s the only time she can recall Miami-Dade running out of ballots at a voting site. Miami Herald

The Miami Herald reports some people left the long lines after waiting for hours, while others didn’t show up because of the problems. This is just what Donald Trump and the Republicans want — black people to stay away from the polls by any means necessary. Don’t fall for it….if you didn’t vote yesterday, go back on Tuesday. We have to help Andrew Gillum win this race.

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