Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams should run against Trump flunky Sen. David Perdue in the 2020 elections, as she hints at another run for public office.

Abrams said she isn’t going away after conceding the governor’s race to Brian Kemp, who engaged in a lot of voter suppression shenanigans. She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  she is throwing her energy behind a new federal lawsuit alleging mismanagement and malfeasance at nearly every level of Georgia’s electoral process.”

Georgia is no longer a deep red state. The Democrats are starting the crack that facade one district at a time due to the changing demographics of Atlanta. Lucy McBath made history as the first black to win the race for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional district. The last time a Democrat won in the district was in 1979. The district map has since been redrawn.

Abrams came very close to flipping the governor’s race and she will still have a lot of momentum going into 2020. I believe she could knock off Perdue, maybe not by a landslide, but by enough of a margin.

The Democratic Party didn’t leave when Jon Ossoff narrowly lost the runoff for Georgia Sixth to Karen Handel. They continued to work on the ground game and flipped the district a year later. That infrastructure is still in place and it would serve Abrams well if she decides to run against Trump flunky Sen. David Perdue.