Federal prosecutors with the Southern District of New York issued a tough sentencing report for Michael Cohen saying that he should serve a “substantial term of imprisonment.”

Federal prosecutors are recommending a mild reduction in the sentencing guidelines of 51-63 months. They say he deserves to spend years behind bars. They raised the prospect of charging his wife, who they believe had some exposure.

Cohen pleaded guilty to fraud and tax charges, campaign finance crimes and lying to Congress. The sentencing document also mentions “individual-1” who has been identified as Donald Trump. This is bad, bad news for the Trump camp.

Southern District prosecutors are pointing to a conspiracy to defraud with regard to the campaign finance violations involving Donald Trump and the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Cohen’s filing, which was submitted last week, asked to avoid prison time. Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo is also expected to drop tonight. Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and also implied that Donald Trump and his attorneys knew he was lying to Congress.

SDNY sentencing document for Michael Cohen: