GOP “Deportation Bus” candidate Michael Williams turns himself in to the Hall County jail on Wednesday on insurance fraud charges.

Williams was indicted on charges of making a false report of insurance fraud, making false statements and falsely reporting a crime, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Williams lied when he reported a theft of $300,000 worth of computer servers from his campaign office. He also lied to authorities when he reported the non-existent theft.

The former gubernatorial candidate pledged to round up undocumented immigrants and take them to the border in his Deportation bus. Well, look who’s behind bars for committing a crime? You just can’t make this stuff up.

Williams was brutally mocked on social media when his Deportation bus broke down on an Atlanta freeway during the campaign.

He previously served as the co-chairman Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Georgia. The Republican Party is now the party of racists, criminals, tax cheats, draft dodgers, Russian stooges, adulterers and liars.

Of course, Twitter erupted into mockery on news Michael Williams turns himself in to authorities on criminal charges: