Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham defends her birther and plagiarist boss after a CNN commentator accurately called her out for hypocrisy. Her quest to force Americans to respect the former nude model, racist birther and bully enabler has backfired spectacularly.

Grisham said CNN commentator Kate Anderson Brower took an ‘unneccessary attack’ on Mrs. Trump (in other words, Brower told the truth). Brower wrote that the interview with Sean Hannity showed that Melania “doesn’t understand what it means to be a First Lady.”

Mrs. Trump whined to Hannity that “opportunists who are using my name” was the hardest part about being first lady. This is the same woman who wore a jacket with “I don’t care, do you?” on her trip to visit migrant children on the US-Mexico border who were put in cages by her husband.

Grisham wrote: “For Brower to claim that Mrs. Trump’s interview was “a lost opportunity to put attention on families of struggling Americans she’s met in her role as first lady” is to willfully ignore everything she has actually done to help and support children and families across the globe as a commitment to service she has consistently demonstrated over the past two years.”

“News personalities and outlets use the “Be Best” hashtag to taunt her about her husband, instead of focusing on the underlying message of kindness and compassion the campaign is intended to convey,” Grisham wrote.

Brower wrote: “All modern first ladies can relate to being frustrated with the press over their preoccupation with superficial things, including the way they cut their hair or what they choose to wear, but Melania has clouded the profound responsibility and honor of the position with her own personal resentment.”

“In the past couple of months, with the ABC interview in which she asserted that she is “the most bullied person” in the world and during her October trip to Egypt when she spoke about the #MeToo movement and said that although she stands with women, they need to present “really hard evidence,” there is less and less separation between the first lady and the president (and that is what’s causing her polling numbers to drop precipitously),” Brower continued.

We are still waiting on Mrs. Trump to hold that press conference to talk about her immigration status, since we don’t know how she was able to obtain an Einstein visa, while her claim to fame was posing nude on the cover of GQ magazine. She’s no scholar, Olympic gold medalist, award-winning actor, scientist, etc.

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