Paul Manafort can still face state charges even if Donald Trump pardons him for the crimes for which he was convicted of in the Mueller probe.

“The U.S. Supreme Court appeared unlikely Thursday to change its long-standing rule that putting someone on trial more than once for the same crime does not violate the Constitution’s protection against double jeopardy,” NBC News reports.

“That outcome — keeping existing rules in place — would potentially be a blow to Paul Manafort, who faces prison time for violating federal fraud laws. A presidential pardon could keep him out of federal prison, but it would not free him from being prosecuted on similar state charges — unless the Supreme Court changes the rule. But that seemed did not seem possible after Thursday’s oral argument before the justices.”

This comes as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to file sentencing documents with the court after he yanked Manafort’s plea deal because he lied to his team. Sentencing documents are also expected for Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is cooperating in the Russia probe.