Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien shreds Brit Hume in a series of brutal tweets over Donald Trump being shamed into visiting the troops: “Try not to be such an a**hole in 2019.”

The squabble started when Hume wandered into actress and activist Alyssa Milano’s Twitter mentions after she posted a story about Trump being the first president since 2002 not to visit the troops at Christmas time.

Hume responded:  “By the this was posted, the President and Mrs. Trump were in Iraq with the troops.”

Soledad O’Brien, who is a HBO Sports correspondent, responded:  “Shaming him [Trump] seems to work.”

O’Brien clapped back hard:  “Sorry—let me spell it out more slowly so you can understand me: the President (according to cnn’s Barbara Starr) prepped for this trip several weeks ago.”

“The shaming seems to have worked. I hope you’re having a nice holiday. Try not to be such an a**hole in 2019,” she added.

Not only was Trump shamed into visiting the troops, once he got there he repeatedly lied and made the event one big political rally. He even outed where an elite group of soldiers were stationed by posting a video praising himself.

Trump’s visit came on the same day as the daughters of Queens podiatrist Larry Braunstein claim he helped give him a fake bone spurs diagnosis to dodge serving in the Vietnam War as a favor to his father, Fred Trump.