A new CBS News poll finds Americans give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a big edge over Donald Trump as his government shutdown continues on its 32nd day.

Americans see Pelosi doing a better job than Trump on handling negotiations over the #TrumpShutdown by a 12-point margin — 47% to 35%.

nancy pelosi vs. donald trump government shutdown
A Majority of Americans Give Nancy Pelosi Huge Edge Over Negotiations with Donald Trump as His Shutdown Continues [Photo Credit: Twitter via @CBSNews]
The poll also finds that a majority of Americans want Trump “to agree to a budget without funding a border wall,” by a 35-point margin — 66% to 31%. Trump’s approval rating fell to 36% with 71% saying the wall is not worth the shutdown. In other words, why would the Democrats cave, as Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski is calling for when the majority of Americans blame Trump for his temper-tantrum?